Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the Symposium?

The Symposium is a 2.5-day event held from 9 to 11 September 2021, from Thursday to Saturday. 

2. Where will it be held?

It will take place virtually.

3. Who can sign up for the event?

Social Service, Healthcare Professionals, Members of the Public, and Students can join us!  

4. Are there any goodie bags given out?
You will receive a token of appreciation. To ensure the token of appreciation reaches you, please indicate your mailing address accurately.

5. Will I be able to claim tax deduction for the registration fees?
We regret that the registration fees are not eligible for tax deduction.

6. What are the payment modes?
We accept payment by PayNow, bank transfer and/or Cheque. Kindly indicate your Reference ID in your preferred payment mode for verification purpose (Reference ID will be indicated in the email after you've signed up).

7. Is VCF funding application for SSAs?

Eligible participant(s) from NCSS member SSAs may apply VCF Local Training Grant, under “Non-Pre-approval” categories to enjoy up to 20% grant of the registration fees. Only applicable for Singaporeans and PRs.

8. I am interested to do a bulk purchase for my organisation/company. How do I go about it?

Drop your request to the organising secretariat at and we will follow up with you on the necessary arrangements.

9. For application via Vendors@Gov and GeBiz, payments may be late. Is it still acceptable?

Yes, payments for these modes will be extended till 31st October 2021.

Drop your enquiries to the organising secretariat at for more information.

10. I am an overseas participant. How do I make payment?

You may either paynow or ibank to us. However, do note that there may be bank charges incurred. Kindly note that participants would have to absorb the charges.

Drop your enquiries to the organising secretariat at for more information.

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