Speaker Profile


Joanne Wong

Head of TOUCH Cyber Wellness, Singapore

Joanne Wong is the Head of TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW), a service of TOUCH Integrated Family Group.

Over the years, she has conducted workshops for a wide range of audience which includes children, teenagers, educators, social worker practitioners, counsellors and seniors. Her involvement in providing consultancy for over 100 groups of students from junior colleges, polytechnics and tertiary institutions has also sharpened her domain knowledge of cyber wellness.

Moving beyond education work, Joanne oversees the centre work in TCW which focuses on customising and conducting prevention and intervention programmes for cyber addiction issues.

With 12 years of experience as an adjunct trainer and full-time staff at TCW, Joanne is a passionate and dynamic trainer who has in depth knowledge of cyber wellness issues. Determined to bring quality cyber wellness education to the youths, Joanne believes in partnering with parents and the community to support and empower the next generation in navigating the digital space.