Speaker Profile


Helen Yong

Assistant Director, Outreach Services, Singapore Association for Mental Health

Helen Yong is an Assistant Director in Singapore Association for Mental Health, focusing on outreach services. She oversees both the SAMH Mobile Support Team and SAMH Group Homes (GH), walking the ground to deliver community interventions through house visits and handling crises. Prior to this appointment, she served as the Head of Residential Services and oversaw the Aftercare Services. Helen graduated with a Bachelor of Social Sciences from the University of Western Sydney, majoring in Applied Psychology. She is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner with the United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (now known as PRA instead of USPRA), and is trained in Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation.

Helen is an enthusiastic individual known to exude boundless energy and empathy in her engagements with colleagues, clients and audience members. Over the years, Helen delivered multiple trainings, workshops and talks at the Social Service Institute, institutes of higher learning, ministries, social service organizations and conferences, both locally and overseas. She is fluent in English and conversant in Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese. In her free time, Helen enjoys watching Korean drama serials to remind herself to be thankful that the cases she handles is not as complex as what the characters have to endure. She also enjoys the presence of family and friends, and give herself 'me' days to recharge and cultivate inner peace.