Speaker Profile

Associate Professor

Helen Ko

Associate Professor, Master and PhD of Gerontology Programmes, Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore

Dr Helen Ko is an Associate Professor with the Singapore University of Social Sciences, teaching courses in the Master and PhD in Gerontology and Master of Counselling Programmes. She is concurrently Executive Director of Beyond Age, a training consultancy with deep expertise on ageing issues.

For the last 30 years, Prof Ko pioneered the development of several programmes for seniors in Singapore, including gerontological counselling, day care and case management services, as well as a suite of training programmes for organisations on managing mature employees, and courses for seniors. She has previously held key appointments as Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer of several non-profit organisations, including St Luke's Eldercare and Centre For Seniors.

She has authored/co-authored five books, all of which had been and/or are still being adopted as key texts for courses at universities/training institutions in Singapore. She has carried out research on counselling/teaching older adults, end-of-life care, ageing workforce. She has published in scientific journals and contributed book chapters and frequently been invited to speak at local and international conferences, including as keynote speaker.

Prof Ko had served on various national committees in Singapore, including the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Ageing Population and the Committee on Ageing Issues. She had also served as Research Advisor for Singapore's Ministry of Social and Family Development, on the Boards of Directors of Singapore's Council for Third Age and St Luke's Hospital. Currently, she is an Honorary Fellow of the Centre on Ageing of the University of Hong Kong's Sau Po Centre on Ageing.